Weekend at the Cabin

In January 2018, I kept trying to decide what to do for Will’s birthday.  I had already bought his gift (I bought it a month ahead of time because it went on sale right before Christmas!), but I really wanted to do something special.  For his present, I bought him a motorcycle jack…but the best part about that (in my opinion) was the wrapping paper.  How cool is this?  I found it on sale after Christmas.  Even though it was sold as “Christmas” wrapping paper, it works great for a winter bday!  I snuck home on my lunch hour to wrap it so he would come home and see it waiting for him.  I tricked him into thinking it was light weight.  The look on his face when he went to pick it up to set it on his lap to open it.  AHAHAHA

Anyways, prior the night I gave him this gift, we had finally figured out how to celebrate his birthday!  I rented us a cabin up on Grand Mesa for his birthday weekend.  We had never done anything like this before so it was exciting!  Thursday night (the night before his bday) he got to open his gift and enjoy some birthday dessert.  On Friday, we went out for lunch with his dad to their favorite Italian restaurant in the area.  From there, him and I headed to the cabin.

A view of our cabin from the lodge. At the lodge you get free breakfast in the morning!

It was so beautiful up there!  There was an unusual dry spell of no snow in the area for this time of year.  But 2 days before we drove up, they had a storm.  There wasn’t as much snow as they usually get, but it was plenty for us to play around in!  I borrowed some snowshoes from a coworker so we decided to go snowshoeing for the first time.

We’ll just say… takes some getting use to.  If you start to lose your balance for any reason., you can’t just slam a foot down to catch yourself!

I think we went out to snowshoe 3-4 times in the 2 nights we stayed up there.  It is hard work, but such a blast.  Plus, with the tiny cabin we rented, it was nice to get out and stretch the legs!

A couple things we quickly learned:

  1. We are too heavy for my coworkers snowshoes.  While it was better than walking in just our boots, we still sunk very far into the snow.  So we need to lose weight, or just buy our own shoes!
  2. It was a lot easier to find snowmobile tracks and follow those.  We felt like we were walking in circles at times, but it was less exhausting than trekking through fresh snow.

Will was NOT impressed with the amount of times I’d stop and say, “picture time!!!”

One of the things that was fun to see where the groups of people that went ice fishing.  Up until this year, I had never walked on a frozen lake before.  It is terrifying the first time!  Especially when it’s covered in snow so you can’t actually see the ice to see how frozen it is.  But it was fun to get out there and trek across the lake.

And just to show you all how much my brain thinks of food, I HAVE to share this next photo with you.  When we were out driving around, trying to find a different spot to snowshoe at, I drive by this cool pile of rocks covered in snow.  Would you like to know what it reminded me of?  Well, whether you want to know or not, I’m going to tell you.

Sweet potato casserole!!  The way the snow blanketed the rocks, it made me think of melted marshmallows over piles of yummy chucks of sweet potatoes.  That’s when you know you are obsessed with food.  Oh brother!

Overall though, it was such a fun weekend.  2 nights was just perfect for us.  When Sunday rolled around, we felt relaxed and rejuvenated from our time away from the world below, but were also ready to head home.  Such a delightful trip and I can’t wait until we get to go again!  We just might make this our little tradition each year!

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