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Spicy Breakfast Sausage

Effort Made for the Spicy Breakfast Sausage Recipe

I just want to say, I really enjoy breakfast.  I really love the weekends because that’s when I have the time to go all out and make it special for my family.

Whole wheat biscuits, homemade butter (from raw cream!), sausage patties, and backyard eggs with a little onion and mushroom

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on creating a spicy breakfast sausage recipe.  I have finally nailed down the recipe to match my taste preference.  That’s the beauty of making it myself!  Instead of those store bought ones that are WAY too salty, I have created on that is just a touch salty.  Enough to flavor it, but not enough to kick you in the face!

When I first set out to make sausage, I really wasn’t sure where to start.  I made a few dinner sausages in school years ago, but that was about it.  I ended up writing out my first recipe based on several others I had read.

After a few attempts, I finally figured out “my” recipe, which you will find below.

I learned a few things during this process.

Seasoning the Meat

First, I learned that it is best to add the seasonings to the meat BEFORE it goes in the meat grinder.  It is far easier to get the herbs and spices evenly mixed in when coated on the meat chunks rather than after.

Sausage Making Could be Messy!

I also discovered just how messy sausage making can be!  Even though my grinder was well over a foot away from the refrigerator, the sausage juice splattered all over it.  Lessoned learned…clear EVERYTHING out of the way and thoroughly sanitize the entire area when you are done.

Useful Tip for Sausage Making

My final recommendation when it comes to making breakfast sausage, or any sausage, is to cook a small spoonful and sample it prior to moving forward.

Now, get out there and try out this recipe!!!

And don’t forget to comment below.  Let me know if you tried it, what you like about it…or maybe even ways you changed it up to suit your taste preference!

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Spicy Breakfast Sausage
Homemade spicy breakfast sausage
Course Breakfast
Prep Time 15 min
Course Breakfast
Prep Time 15 min
  1. Make sure your meat grinder is sanitized and then set it up to be ready for use.
  2. Cut the pork into bite-sized pieces and place in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Add in the remaining ingredients and mix well. Make sure all the herbs and spices coat the meat pieces evenly.
  4. Run the meat chunks through the grinder until all the meat has been ground up.
  5. Cook a spoonful of the meat on the stove. Taste after cooked and then adjust seasonings according to your taste preference.
  6. Sausage is now ready to be cooked or stored. Shape into patties and cook. Cook the sausage once it is ground up or freeze into 8-16 oz increments.
Recipe Notes

For pork trimmings, you can go to a local butcher and ask for trimmings to make sausage, or just grab a nice fatty roast from the market.


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